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Interesting adventure activities.

Have you ever met? It’s good to plan this trip. But I have a problem that I don’t know what adventure activities to do during the trip. This sense of bullying makes the atmosphere of the tour brackish. because the devotion has come out I don’t know what to do

Get to know Benjakitti Park.

Although Bangkok There will be not much green space. But in the city center like the Asoke-Ratchada line. There is a Benjakitti Park which is a large park for the townspeople to relax. It is also convenient to travel by MRT, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center station. Benchakiti Park is

Keeping your hands healthy.

                Washing your hands is a good habit for taking care of your hands health. Especially during this time of the COVID-19 epidemic. But washing your hands often can cause our skin to lose moisture. Which causes problems of uneven skin, dryness, cracks, flaky peeling, irritation and wrinkles easily. Especially


Causes diabetes in addition to eating foods. That are sweet and oily that you eat on a regular basis. May be caused by pancreatic disease as mentioned above. More importantly, diabetes does not affect any system or any part of the body. But it has the potential to make

How to properly store alcohol safe and disinfect.

How to properly store alcohol, safe and disinfect. Everyone has to carry alcohol, whether it’s hand wash gel or spray, but have you ever wondered how? how to store alcohol Is ours correct? Because if stored or used incorrectly, it can cause the disinfection properties to be reduced

Elderly Vaccines What to inject to prevent severe infections?

Elderly Vaccines What to inject to prevent severe infections?

Elderly Vaccines What to inject to prevent severe infections? What are the vaccines for the elderly? Vaccines are not only for children required. But in fact As we get older, vaccines are also needed. What will be the part?  As Te world is currently undergoing a complete transition to an aging

Behavior modification to attent deficit disorder

Behavior modification to attent deficit disorder

Behavior modification, attention deficit disorder It can be seen that ADHD doesn’t just change your mindset. but also affects as a chain indefinitely If not addressed, it can damage your mental health and life. If you experience ADHD to anxiety or depression, we recommend consulting a psychiatrist. to get treatment But

The effects of ADHD

The effects of ADHD

The effects of ADHD is many things. The obvious is the matter of work, socialization, spread to physical health.  When you can’t complete tasks to your goals, don’t concentrate, can’t manage your time be late for work often .These things will mess up your life, get blamed, or

Thrombosis reported after COVID-19 vaccination

Why is the COVID-19 vaccine? To cause blood clots?

Thrombosis reported after COVID-19 vaccination. It was found that it usually occurs after two types of vaccination AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Which is a thrombotic and thrombocytopenia associated with thrombocytopenia called VITT. VITT is a thromboembolic condition that causes low platelets. Unlike other thromboembolic events, doctors assume that post-vaccination

Symptoms of ADHD in adults

Symptoms of ADHD in adults As said, most adults with ADHD have it since childhood. and did not receive treatment or as a child may not have noticed until the symptoms were cultivating and manifest more clearly in adulthood. ADHD symptoms in adults such as Lack of concentration, easily