7 ways to cure stress in a COVID-19 crisis

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 I have to admit that since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have anxiety. There is 7 ways to cure stress in a COVID-19 crisis.  Are you afraid of getting infected? I started to wonder if anyone was going to spread the disease or not. As the epidemic escalated, places at risk of being the source of the epidemic were closed down. Many people lack income, some lose their jobs, some have shut down. Many people are kept at home and never leave. Of course, what happens brings stress and anxiety.

cure stress in a COVID-19

          But after living with anxiety or stress forever. Probably not good for our hearts, so stress can be anxious. But you need to know how to relax your heart to be happy. It may try to relieve stress as this first.

1. Be aware of your own emotions.

          When stressed out Find ways to relax, such as watching funny movies, listening to music, playing games, reading books, planting trees, playing with pets. Or do something that makes you enjoy Do not let yourself drown.

2. Shine the news sparingly.

          By tracking from reliable websites or agencies, such as announcements from various agencies, just 1-2 times a day to prevent over-preoccupation of the situation.

3. Maintain good health.

          Because the sick body can easily make us feel exhausted, so try to exercise often in the area where there is Or use the equipment in the house as much as possible Together with a nutritious meal And get enough sleep.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol.

          Mescaline with alcohol, smoking or using drugs Not a solution to any stress problem, but will hurt yourself more.

5. Talk to people we love.

          Vent Suffering with family, friends, or trusted people Via mobile phones and various chat programs to relieve loneliness And encourage encouragement.

6. Think positively

          Although we will not leave the house to go anywhere But the rest of the house was considered a hero for helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19, then it will not be a burden to your doctor at the outpost battle with Cody David, 19 , but also help the country out of the crisis faster. More

7. Consult the mental health hotline.

Take care of your physical health strictly. Do not forget to pay attention to your mental health, both of yourself and those around you.