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Avocado, exotic fruit, fruit native to Mexico That is popular among health lovers around the world. There are many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. Although avocados are a fruit that contains a large amount of fat. But it’s a good fat, high fiber. Today we’d like to share 10 benefits of avocado why it is a favorite fruit for health lovers.

1. Help lose weight

If anyone has a problem with weight and wants to lose weight, look a little better. Eating avocados is a good option. Because avocado is a fruit that is high in fiber. But UFABET low in carbohydrates and sugar

Including oleic acid that stimulates the brain to be full quickly, not hungry often, and also helps reduce bad fats in the blood to decrease. therefore resulting in weight loss

2. High Protein

With the properties that avocados contain a lot of protein. The proteins in avocados are easily digestible proteins. It helps to excrete well, so it doesn’t cause constipation, so it’s related to weight loss.

3. Reduce the risk of heart disease

due to avocado It is a source of good fats that are beneficial to the body. Eating avocados regularly can help reduce bad fats. and cholesterol in the blood This helps prevent fat accumulation in the blood vessels. The cause of the risk of heart disease and coronary heart disease causes the heart to stimulate the heart to pump blood to the different parts. of the body effectively.

4. Reduce sugar

Avocados are a low-sugar fruit. Therefore, it is used in medicine for diabetic patients by eating to help control and reduce blood sugar levels.

5. Prevent canker sores and reduce beriberi

Because avocados contain B vitamins. That helps reduce inflammation to the body both outside and inside. Consequently, eating avocados regularly reduces your risk of getting canker sores or beriberi.

6. Eye care

In addition to the avocado contains vitamin A. As we know that it helps nourish the eyes. There are also substances called lutein and zeaxanthin that help to reduce the risk of cataracts. and degenerative disease

7. Anti-oxidant

Avocados contain antioxidants. It helps to protect cells. within the body not to be destroyed by the pollution around from the inside and outside thus helping to reduce the risk of cancer good health

8. Prevent colds

Avocados also contain vitamin C. that helps build immunity to the body, not easily get sick and cold It also helps reduce scurvy as well.

9. Stay young

Avocados are now being developed as an ingredient in many skin care products. Part of that is the matter of reducing wrinkles of age. Because avocado is a fruit that helps reduce wrinkles that occur over time as well. thus helping to make you look younger

10. Skin and hair care

With avocados, there are good fats that can be extracted as an ingredient in hair and skin care products. It has the ability to effectively moisturize the hair and skin.