Behavior modification to attent deficit disorder

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Behavior modification, attention deficit disorder

It can be seen that ADHD doesn’t just change your mindset. but also affects as a chain indefinitely If not addressed, it can damage your mental health and life. If you experience ADHD to anxiety or depression, we recommend consulting a psychiatrist. to get treatment But if you feel that you have certain symptoms or habits that vaguely refer to ADHD. to adjust behavior To treat these symptoms to disappear together.

Behavior modification to attent deficit disorder
  • Anyone who often forgets, recommends to take notes to remind them always.
  • Plan your work ahead of time. It is advisable to write a to do list in the morning before you start each day.
  • Create a good environment for yourself. Keep your desk organized. Keep the house clean and clean the inside of the car.
  • Try to control your emotions. If you feel angry or dissatisfied, try to stay calm, count from 1 to 10, and take a deep breath. inhaling to fill the lungs will help get rid of old air residual and increase oxygen in the body relieve stress  
  • get enough rest in order to have the strength to cope with the daily workload
  • Regular exercise helps the body to secrete more dopamine. which will make health and a better mood

And most importantly, another thing that must be overcome is one’s own heart. Behavior modification is not as difficult as you think. Anyone who suspects that they have ADHD or have minor bad habits that interfere with work Try to make adjustments and create better habits for yourself. Guarantee that it will definitely be a good result in the long run. OfficeMate is an encouragement for all office workers to have energy and energy to work. And ready to fight this crisis until it’s over.