Causes of halitosis.

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Halitosis most of the causes about 90% come from inside the mouth. Because bad breath is cause by a group of bacteria in the mouth. To decompose protein compounds that remain in the mouth and throat. causing a bad smell. And important for your health.

The most important and common cause.

White patches on the tongue especially at the base of the tongue. For other causes in the oral cavity there are many. Such as tooth decay. The more tooth decay is a deep hole. The more smelly or there are food residues left between the teeth Gingivitis cause by unclean brushing. Causing plaque and plaque to accumulate If left untreated gingivitis will escalate into periodontitis. Which will have a more severe foul smell.

Another important cause of Halitosis.

Dry mouth, low saliva. Which is cause by not drinking enough water. When there is less saliva. Many germs are left in the mouth. Therefore cause more smell.

At some point, there will be a natural UFABET decrease in saliva secretion, which can cause bad breath, such as when sleeping, starvation or hunger, as well as stress. Professions that use a lot of voice, such as teachers, lawyers, will result in decreased saliva. It can cause bad breath as well, so water is the best medicine to reduce bad breath.

The external cause of the oral cavity usually comes from

  • respiratory system Most respiratory causes are caused by mucus running down the back of the nose. and the presence of food particles stuck in the grooves of the tonsils
  • food travel system   This is mainly caused by an excess of bacteria in the stomach and small intestine. which often has bloating, tightness, foul-smelling burp In addition, some foods when eaten will smell excreted through the breath such as garlic, durian, onions, spices. or smoke regularly Or constipation for several days can cause bad breath.

In conclusion, Halitosis It can be caused by many reasons. Treatment is

fixing those causes couple with behavioral adjustments to create a good oral environment the most important is Don’t let your mouth get dry. And drinking water will help eliminate bacteria and increase the amount of oxygen in the mouth. Helps to remove stains on the tongue and mucus in the throat. as well as food scraps stuck in the grooves of the tonsils and cause increase saliva. Therefore, brush your teeth after every meal. and choose appropriate oral products that do not cause dry mouth

But if there is a chronic bad breath It is recommend to see a dentist. to take a history Both in terms of congenital disease and oral hygiene and check to find the cause of the disease.