Extreme heat triggers a Migraine.

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Migraine headache is cause by an abnormality of neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex. Affecting the blood vessels on the surface of the brain. Causing inflammation constrict arteries on the surface of the brain cause other symptoms. That are found in conjunction with the headache and neurotransmitters. That cause the arteries in the cerebral cortex to relax body. Resulting in severe throbbing headaches. Which during April in Thailand with hot temperatures and strong sunlight may be Factors. That trigger migraine headaches can occur.

Symptoms of migraine headaches.

Headache on one side/two sides/or switching back and forth.

Characteristics of pain: throbbing pain, severe pain.

The pain lasts 4-72 hours.

The autonomic nervous system symptoms are nausea and vomiting.

There are symptoms associate with aura headaches. Which may be present before in conjunction with or after the headache. Symptoms found include: blurred vision/flash-like light/black spots in the eyes numbness. Especially around the mouth and hands, weakness, dizziness.

Symptoms are often associate with obvious triggers UFABET

The factors that trigger headaches should be notice and avoid to prevent headaches. And treating other causes that may occur in conjunction with. For example Tight muscles and office syndrome. Which if this summer it is necessary to go outside in the summer. Avoid hot and crowd places. Maybe bring an umbrella and wear sunglasses. Or you may carry a cold towel with you to wipe your face, neck, shoulders and shoulders. To relieve the body’s internal heat. Drink plenty of water to help relieve heat. If a migraine strikes. Seek shelter in the shade and avoid the glare of the sun take pain medication. If the symptoms do not improve, see a doctor immediately.