Get to know Benjakitti Park.

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Although Bangkok There will be not much green space. But in the city center like the Asoke-Ratchada line. There is a Benjakitti Park which is a large park for the townspeople to relax. It is also convenient to travel by MRT, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center station.

Benchakiti Park is located on the site of the former tobacco factory. Which develop the area into a park. Garden for health and exercise is the lungs of Bangkok have bowed Offering land in the area totaling 453 rai. A budget of more than 950 million baht to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Majesty the Queen. The Queen Mother On the occasion of the fifth cycle of his birthday in 1992 and was officially launched in 2004.

According to the Benjakitti Park development plan. It has divid into 3 phases. With the first phase being a pond with roads around the swamp for jogging. Which launch in 2004. Phase 2-3 is to upgrade the development to be a forest plantation. It is a wetland and various species of exotic plants.

 It is currently in the development phase. And design by the community and environment architect Arsomsilp Co., Ltd. During this period there is a scope of 259 rai. With a budget of 652 million baht, with flowering plants throughout the garden, museum, city tower, recreation and sports facilities. 

Which is divid into 3 important parts as follows:

1. The natural area consists of 4 ponds that can support up to 128,000 cubic meters of water and a green area. That is rich in various plant species. There are 1,733 existing trees and 7,155 newly planted trees.

2. Route area consisting of 5.8 km. of walking trails in nature 2.8 km of running paths. And 3.4 km of bicycle paths promoting the exercise of urban people.

3. The building area consists of an indoor sports building. That renovate from a tobacco storage warehouse. Museum building that was improve from the tobacco factory. Can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators. As well as a demonstration field and an amphitheater that supports recreational activities exercise of more than 15,000 users.