How do menopause avoid osteoporosis?

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Every woman should learn to take care of herself as soon as menopause approaches. Before osteoporosis and if menstruation is irregular should undergo a hormone test Bone density check. And because sex hormones affect other hormones. That controls deterioration and aging. Therefore, sex hormones and other hormones should be examined. Related to prevent deterioration of the overall body and long-lasting good health.

If it is found that the bone mass begins to decrease or there is a condition of thin bones or osteoporosis. Use of hormone replacement therapy in cases where there are no contraindications. Are at an age to benefit from hormones. And there is no problem with deteriorating blood vessels in the body. Especially vascular slag should receive hormone replacement.

Menopause women benefit from hormones in every aspect. The main benefit being bone strength. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sleep quality will improve emotional state. Reduce anxiety and depression. The strength and hydration of the skin is improved. As a result, wrinkles fade away and did not increase the risk of breast cancer. And endometrial cancer in any way. However, consult a medical professional UFABET

For menopausal women one potential health problem Osteoporosis is osteoporosis. And must be explain first. That osteoporosis is characterize by decreased bone mass or bone density. As a result, bone strength decreases accordingly. When osteoporosis becomes fragile. It is prone to break easily even under mild impact.