How to cope not to be Toxic in our life as well.

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      How to cope not to be Toxic in our life as well. If you have a Toxic Person at work or at home, try to find a way to survive a toxic person.

               Stay away from these people Or not trying to mingle too much

               Do not tell them or let them know too much about our personal stories.

               Known to refuse to be messy, do not make him feel free to see us as a piece to play whenever

               Keep hearing the wind, even if you are hitting it, let it go. Do not keep the mess is better.

               Do not just believe what he said. Without which we have not investigated the truth

               Be strong, do not feel down, follow anyone. But should always encourage myself

               Try to understand why he does it. And if you can forgive, then forgive so that you don’t have to think too much.

               Talking to him for a reason. Or if you have to respond, be patient as much as possible

               Try to look for good angles around you, don’t let yourself become obsessed with bad thoughts.

               Open up to talk to the Toxic Person honestly, because he may not be aware that he has a toxic habit with those around him. So let him know how to adjust. In order to live together in peace.

           We may not be able to change anyone. But do not forget that we ourselves have the right to live in this society the way we want to be as well. So if you meet someone who is a Toxic Person, try to find a solution together. Or if in the end, still face the emotional and psychological burden of him. So let’s try to see if we can cut him out of life. If so, don’t hesitate. Otherwise it will lose your mental health in vain.