How to properly store alcohol safe and disinfect.

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How to properly store alcohol, safe and disinfect.

Everyone has to carry alcohol, whether it’s hand wash gel or spray, but have you ever wondered how? how to store alcohol Is ours correct? Because if stored or used incorrectly, it can cause the disinfection properties to be reduced at all. So let’s look at how to store and use it properly.

Alcohol should not be used and stored in open flames. 

Alcohol is a flammable liquid. It has a flash point of 17 °C and 70% alcohol concentration. It ignites spontaneously at 363 °C.

Do not share alcohol in water bottles.

Because alcohol has a clear color. When sharing a water bottle, it can be misleading to drink water. And alcohol that is prevalent now has a concentration of 70-90% higher than that mixed in alcoholic beverages. Therefore, it is dangerous and can be fatal.

Do not store alcohol in a car parked in the sun.

Keeping it in a car parked in the sun can cause the alcohol to evaporate to the point that it won’t kill germs. due to the high temperature in the car. It has been tested by the company. Nissan Motor Co. Japan found that at 35 degrees the temperature of a car parked in the sun will reach 70 degrees, which is close to the boiling point of 75 degrees of alcohol, causing the evaporation to reduce the concentration. and the efficiency of sterilization decreases accordingly.

Do not spray alcohol in tight spaces.

Although 70% alcohol can be used on the skin. But spraying in a narrow space may cause it to be sprayed onto the face, eyes or inhaled. which may cause irritation and burning

It should not be used on sensitive and wounded areas.

Although alcohol is safe and can be used on the skin. but in sensitive areas such as the face, eyes, lining of the nose and the wound area Direct contact with alcohol can cause irritation and inflammation.

Alcohol has an expiration date.

Alcohol has a shelf life of 3 years from the year of manufacture and when opened, it will have a shelf life of only 3 months. According to reports by ufabet