Keeping your hands healthy.

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                Washing your hands is a good habit for taking care of your hands health. Especially during this time of the COVID-19 epidemic. But washing your hands often can cause our skin to lose moisture. Which causes problems of uneven skin, dryness, cracks, flaky peeling, irritation and wrinkles easily. Especially when working in an air-conditioned room with a dry climate. Dry skin can intensify and inflame the skin if not treated promptly.

Why does frequent hand washing dry out your skin ?

Hand washing with water and soap In addition to helping wash away germs from our hands health. It also takes away the oil that coats our skin. When there is less oil on the coating The skin loses water more easily, and with alcohol- based hand washing , the evaporation of the alcohol draws in the subcutaneous water that helps retain moisture to evaporate. Makes the skin more dry. 

How do we keep our hands clean and hydrated ?

Moisturizing your hands after cleansing is as simple as using a cream that contains moisturizing properties that help hydrate the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating. to maintain the water balance under the skin If possible, choose a hand cream especially for your hands. This is because the concentration of moisturizer in hand creams is higher than in body creams or lotions.

How to choose a hand cream? for maximum efficiency ?

best hand cream Is a cream that can help maintain moisture and restore the skin at the same time. Buy a hand cream that contains moisturizer in a balanced amount for your skin type. Not too sticky or too oily. and should contain components of the moisturizer in both groups:

1. The group that absorbs water such as glycerin, propylene glycol, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, urea, and collagen, etc. Moisturizers in This group is inserted into the skin layer and helps absorb water. So the skin is always soft and moist.   

2. Coating group such as shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, bee wax, animal fat, and silicone oil, etc. Moisturizers in this group act to cover the top layer of skin. This reduces or slows the loss of water in the skin. Makes the skin soft, moist, pleasant to the touch

If your hands are delicate and sensitive Choose a hand cream that does not contain essential oils, fragrances and chemicals that may cause allergies. and irritation

How often should I use hand cream?

Our hands are one of the most in need of care. Ideally, hand creams should be used at two important times of the day: the morning before leaving the house. and at night before going to bed In case of dry hands from frequent hand washing, hand cream should be used every time after washing your hands. To maintain moisture balance throughout the day.

Secrets to restore your hands to be smooth, soft and moisturized.

Night is an important time for our hands to rest. After use all day Try applying the cream and then by putting on soft gloves before going to bed, your hands will be restored while you sleep. When you wake up, you will find it soft and moist. For those who have very dry hands, it is recommended to try a “hand mask” before going to bed. The method of hand masking can be done easily by simply applying hand cream all over. Then wrap your hands with preservative film and leave it for an hour, during which the heat from the body will cause the pores to expand. and helps the cream penetrate into the skin more effectively