should never let anyone know

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1. Brag about things that you use.

In fact, you shouldn’t brag about things you use too much. Because it could be viewed as materialistic. But anyway, people can still live the dream. Just try to be a little more humble.

2. Past grievances

Leave these behind and let’s not talk about them again. Especially with people you want to live with in the future. Let the past be in the past And let it gradually Fade away with time

3. Your income

Don’t let new people Besides people you trust in life Know your financial situation Because it can affect the relationship And may end up in a fake friendship

4. Good or good things that you do.

Make sure you do good without anyone knowing. Or people know very little And don’t brag about it to anyone Because on the other hand, it seems that you only do it for bragging rights. In which it might cause bad people to crowd around you.

5. Future plans and goals

Such matters should be kept to talk to the family. Or only people you trust Because if you tell anyone Many people may comment on this matter. Until it messes up your plans And may have to give up on their own plans Because of other people!