Symptoms of ADHD in adults

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Symptoms of ADHD in adults As said, most adults with ADHD have it since childhood. and did not receive treatment or as a child may not have noticed until the symptoms were cultivating and manifest more clearly in adulthood.

Symptoms of ADHD in adults

ADHD symptoms in adults such as

  • Lack of concentration, easily distracted
  • incomprehensible 
  • Often the work is not completed according to the deadline.
  • frequent malfunctions 
  • like procrastination refuse to start
  • Likes to interrupt or interrupt the conversation
  • Started work and didn’t finish it. or change your mind to do something else
  • Come to work late or go to regular appointments late.
  • hot-tempered, easily irritable
  • impulsive easily aroused
  • mood swings
  • Bored easily, doesn’t like to wait for long
  • He was restless, twitching, moving his arms, moving his legs all the time. when having to sit in the same place for a long time 
  • squander Make a purchase as soon as you see the promotion label. Even though I know I don’t need it
  • messy desk, messy house, messy bag, messy car.
  • Can’t find things often
  • always forgetful

The behaviors that we have listed here, at first glance, may seem like normal habits that many people have. It is thought that it is a personal habit that prevents ADHD from being corrected. Or get the right treatment, so try to observe yourself. If we find that we have been blamed for the same things over and over, especially those related to the behavior above That means you may fall into the category of ADHD.