The effects of ADHD

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The effects of ADHD is many things. The obvious is the matter of work, socialization, spread to physical health. 

When you can’t complete tasks to your goals, don’t concentrate, can’t manage your time be late for work often .These things will mess up your life, get blamed, or even get fired. It was also associated with short attention spans. 

Talking can also make you look like a rude person. The mood swings or is easily stimulated including forgetting appointments. It also results in problems in relationships with those around them. If you are someone who often argues with other people. or the original error in a relationship This may be due in part to ADHD as well.

Many of these symptoms are known to But it is often difficult to control yourself. This makes adults with ADHD tend to have low Self Esteem or self dislike. Maybe because of being blamed often or excluded from society This results in other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia. Some people have health problems as well. Or some people flee to drugs and alcohol to relieve stress. This may cause symptoms to worsen than before.