The types of Bully can be categorized

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Bullying means bullying in society. From words that are slanderous, humiliating, or down to violent bullying Which is a physical and mental injury The types of Bully can be categorized as follows.

 The types of Bully can be categorized
Teens using internet technology and harassing classmate

1. Use of force

          Such as beating, hitting, punching, harming the body Or intimidating fear through the behavior of damaging things

2. Bully with words hurt feelings

          Such as mocking, criticizing someone else’s appearance, skin color, inferiority complexity. Causing embarrassment or loss of feelings

3. Social Bully

          For example, pressure to leave the group. Or disfellowshipping Discourage anyone from associating with

4. The online bully

          Or Cyber ​​Bullying, which is a bullying that humiliates a wide range Because they can be shared continuously

Cyber ​​Bullying It is easier to hurt netizens than you think.  Bullies tend to be endlessly repetitive bullying. Which bullying each other. No matter what method Hurt feelings, confidence, or it may go beyond the point of pain Ashamed that he did not want to join the society with anyone Becomes a life problem that can be related to mental health problems as well. How do we save our own hearts to be able to stand firm? Let’s take a look at how.