What are the symptoms of the fear of dirt (Mysophobia)?

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        What are the symptoms of the fear of dirt (Mysophobia)?  Dirty is something that does not want anyone to come close to. But must be afraid of germs How much dirt is afraid to be considered as

          Phobia,try to check each other* afraid of germs and severe dirt. So was I when touching or approaching the dirt that

What are the symptoms of the fear of dirt (Mysophobia)?
  •           have reacted negatively oddly like crying, frantic sweat tremble when faced with filth
  •           fear of dirt up to the symptoms such as dizziness or fainting. Can’t stand
  •           wash your hands too often They may wash their hands every 10 minutes or every time when handling things.
  •           They often take a long shower. Or shower often because you think you are dirty.
  •           Avoid sharing things with others in any case such as public bathrooms, public cars, food.
  •           Avoid touching other people’s body Even very young children are afraid.

          However, the fear of becoming phobia is often a severe fear. That affect normal life People with this condition often have difficulty living their life in one way or another.