What is the risk of back pain? Is it Office Syndrome?

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What is the risk of back pain? Is it Office Syndrome? Back pain can happen to many people. And affect daily life until thinking that it is normal Especially among office workers who are stationary for a long time It may be thought to be the result of a popular disease like Office Syndrome, but back pain can actually be a sign of some serious illness that can happen to our body. This post wants to give you an idea of ​​what back pain is causing. And can indicate what diseasesSources of information: sanook.com, s-spinehospital.com, thaihealth.or.th, thairath.co.th, phyathai.com

What is the risk of back pain

Back pain caused by any cause?

Most of them come from working tilting, lifting heavy things, sitting, standing, lying down, or lifting things in the wrong position. Wearing too many high heels Or sleeping in a too soft mattress. Causing pressure on the muscles of the lower spine. Which will have a contraction It can cause pain in the middle of the lower back, obese people or pregnant women. It may have back pain as well.

What kind of back pain is it? Indicate what disease is it?

Back pain radiating to the leg Pain when coughing or sneezing – herniated disc,
low back pain, or pain when coughing or sneezing. This is mainly caused by tilting, lifting heavy objects, working in the same sitting position for a long time. Rarely change his posture Including the deterioration of nature Which is considered an office syndrome. If you leave it for a long time It may be a symptom that indicates. that it is Herniated disc disease Caused by intervertebral discs It comes out to press on the spinal cord. 

Acute back pain Wide-area back pain – Acute postural muscle inflammation

Acute back pain Large area back pain Often caused by the muscles after being overused. Accident was hit directly on the back. Until causing the muscles after acute inflammation immediately. However, this disease is not directly related to the structure of the spine. But caused by the back muscles Acute post-inflammatory myopathy Will have similar symptoms with herniated disc .