what level of back pain … should do medical attention.

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what level of back pain … should do medical attention..If there is back pain for a long time And observe yourself how much pain you have By the level of pain from the back pain. Starting from mild to a severe level that affects daily life, such as pain in the legs Needle-like pain. Additional tests may be ordered to determine the exact cause and symptoms of the disease, such as an X-ray examination. , Magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, etc.

what level of back pain

Back pain can be prevented Just modify the behavior

Most back pain results from behavior. Behavior modification to be safer in the long run Therefore considered important Which should start from

Sitting position adjustment Should sit properly, the chair should have a backrest. And sit close to the edge of the chair The back must be close to the backrest and not cheated. Avoid sitting in low chairs that need to be kept in a bent position. And sitting cross-legged, kneeling, folds that will cause most of the weight to go down to the lumbar spine

, lifting things should not be bent down to lift things, as this will cause the muscles of the back to exert a lot. Inflammation or tearing may occur. The correct way is to bend your knees and sit down. Lift things close to you And use the strength to get up

The right way to sit in front of the computer You should sit your back straight. To reduce the symptoms of back stiffness. Including the screen should adjust to fit the eye level, not looking up, not bending, will help reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, and shoulders, which is important to get up and change the posture every 30-45 minutes.