Why is the COVID-19 vaccine? To cause blood clots?

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Thrombosis reported after COVID-19 vaccination. It was found that it usually occurs after two types of vaccination AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Which is a thrombotic and thrombocytopenia associated with thrombocytopenia called VITT.

VITT is a thromboembolic condition that causes low platelets. Unlike other thromboembolic events, doctors assume that post-vaccination VITT. This is because the vaccine accelerates the immune system in the body which will stimulate the work of platelets.  It cause blood clots to clot in veins in various parts of the body and because most of the platelets are used to form blood clots. Thus causing low platelet counts accordingly.

Blood clots that form in the veins Most often a blockage occurs in the leg area. It move along the blood flow until it clogs in the lungs Patients. Therefore often experience shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and feeling acutely tired.   

thrombosis What are the symptoms?

Early symptoms that signal a potential thrombosis include:

  • Severe headache and constant pain
  • Chest pain, unable to breathe fully
  • back pain
  • severe stomach pain persistent nausea and vomiting 
  • Swollen arms or legs, pain, and weakness.  
  • crooked mouth, crooked face, slurred speech
  • blurred vision or blurred vision
  • whip
  • Bleeding on body or blisters with internal bleeding (rare)

People who are vaccinated against COVID-19 If any of these symptoms occur within 4-30 days, seek immediate medical attention. for further diagnosis and received treatment.