Saul Niguez demanded 20 million euros per year from the Saudi team.

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Saul Niguez could immediately become Spain’s highest-paid footballer. If Al Nasser or Al Ittihad meet the 28-year-old’s demands.

Diario As reported on Wednesday that. Saul Niguez could leave Atletico Madrid for the Saudi league this summer. If Al Nasser or Al Ittihad are two clubs interested in him willing to pay the 20m euros a year in demand for the 28-year-old midfielder UFABET

Atletico Madrid plan to offload at least three players this summer and one of them will be Saul. And it appears the only possible destination for the 28-year-old is a move to the wealthy Middle East such as Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, Saul is demanding up to €20m per year from the Saudi club for two-three-year deals. And it’s up to Al Nasser or Al Ittihad the two clubs to be interested in him meeting the player’s demands. This would immediately make the 28-year-old the highest-paid Spanish player.

However, no offers have made for Atletico Madrid or Saul at this time. While the 28-year-old has no plans to leave Atletico this summer. Unless there is a very good offer to persuade him.

With a variety of playing styles in midfield can be called playing any position. Meanwhile Journalist from fierce bull country has shown that his play on that field. Reminds me of Diego Simeone’s playing as a player. who is his current head coach. However, at the same time. He is a player who moves the ball forward with a goal. It also has a calm, cool, plus a rhythm that is sharp and decisive. And with the potential of this five-sex player. It is therefore not surprising that. The big clubs across Europe Everyone wants to get his signature to fully occupy each other.