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Extreme heat triggers a Migraine.

Migraine headache is cause by an abnormality of neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex. Affecting the blood vessels on the surface of the brain. Causing inflammation constrict arteries on the surface of the brain cause other symptoms. That are found in conjunction with the headache and neurotransmitters. That cause the

The miracle of coconut water.

In addition to these nutrients, coconut water also has benefits that have surprised many people. It saved the lives of many soldiers during World War 2 and the Vietnam War. When doctors use coconut water as a parenteral solution to help prolong the lives of soldiers due to shortage

How do menopause avoid osteoporosis?

Every woman should learn to take care of herself as soon as menopause approaches. Before osteoporosis and if menstruation is irregular should undergo a hormone test Bone density check. And because sex hormones affect other hormones. That controls deterioration and aging. Therefore, sex hormones and other hormones should be examined. Related to prevent deterioration

Benefits of greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt has returned to be a healthy trend again. After people began to pay attention to intestinal health and exercise. Looking for deliciousness in different dimensions. Unlike monotonous Greek is yogurt that has been filtered and squeezed from yogurt skim. Greek yogurt have High protein. 


Today we come to appease tea. Let’s love tea. Because we have great benefits from oolong tea. A healthy drink that you must love for you. Because drinking tea is good for health. And if we choose the right type of tea for ourselves, it’s even better. Today, let’s start

What are the benefits of smile?

Although forcing a smile may improve your mood. But a genuine smile would have been better. Therefore, we should learn and learn how to smile with every muscle on the face. Especially the eyes. That might make the reluctant smile look even more sincere. Smile in every possible situation